Casual Day Theme 2020: Side by Side For Equality

As a prominent rights-based civil society network and owner of the Casual Day project, the NCPD has been staying true to disability rights since 1939. We have learnt that nothing we do on our own can ever be as valuable as the things we do together. And as such we are thrilled to announce this year’s exciting new theme…

The Casual Day Theme for 2020 is… SIDE BY SIDE for Equality.

Side by side for equality, Persons with Disabilities can achieve full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and freedoms. Side by side for equality, we can multiply each other’s efforts and transform South Africa into a truly inclusive and equal society!

To celebrate the spirit of standing steadfast with friends, family and Persons with Disabilities, Casual Day welcomes a new friend to the fold. We’re extremely excited to announce that this year Casual Day will be standing SIDE BY SIDE with DISNEY’s MICKEY & FRIENDS!

You heard right! This year Disney is on board!

We couldn’t be happier having the world’s most famous mouse and his friends standing SIDE BY SIDE with Persons with Disabilities.

Buying a sticker and dressing up for Casual Day is always a jol, but doing it SIDE BY SIDE is true friendship. Seeing how your individual contributions add up, resulting in the most amazing collective result? That’s what we call … MAGIC.

Running alongside Disney’s Mickey and Friends #STAYTRUE campaign, Casual Day invites you to dress up with your besties, your co-workers, your partners and the peeps who’ve got your back.

What to Wear

On December 3rd 2020 dress the part: Pair up with polka dots, Be the Mickey to someone’s Minnie, double-down as Donald & Daisy, or be goofy like Goofy – SIDE BY SIDE!

This year Twinning is Winning so create outfits that make sense when you are standing with your “twin” or your team. Express yourself and help us raise funds to promote and protect the rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Our Casual Day colour for 2020 is #TRUEBLUE so be sure to check out our dynamic merchandise in this happy hue, including Golf Shirts, Bucket Hats, Face masks and Caps. Don’t forget, your R20 Casual Day sticker is your license to express yourself at work or school and now you can also get your own Personalised Digital Casual Day stickers online. Stand up and Stand proud, make it known all over Mzanzi that you are standing SIDE BY SIDE with us for equality!


Share your pics with us! Use the hashtags #CasualDay #SidebySide #MickeyStayTrue