Daphney ‘4 Fingers Short’ Twala

Daphney Twala is a remarkable poet and dancer who captivates audiences with her awe-inspiring performances, leaving them inspired and moved. As a valued member of the Casual Day family, she brings her unique talent and perspective to the forefront.

Originally from Limpopo, Daphney was raised by her mother alongside her four siblings. Her childhood was marked by numerous challenges, including facing bullying and discrimination due to her disability. However, she found solace and a means of expression through poetry and writing. These creative outlets became her escape from the prejudice she encountered. In 2007, she moved to Middelburg to live with her sister, seeking a more accepting community away from the negativity she experienced in Tafelkop.

Unfortunately, even in Middelburg, Daphney encountered a lack of support. Despite the obstacles, her fortunes changed in 2012 when she was offered a position as a technician intern at Julian Raphasha & Associate Civil Consulting engineering firm. Through this opportunity, she had the chance to work on remarkable architectural projects and hone her skills.

Daphney’s career continued to flourish, and she reached another significant milestone when she received sponsorship from Media24 to pursue media studies, ultimately earning a qualification in journalism. She didn’t stop there, as she went on to become a successful co-host at Greater Middelburg FM radio. Her impactful presence extended beyond the radio waves when she served as a keynote speaker at Casual Day events, highlighting her passionate advocacy for equal rights for individuals with disabilities in South Africa and the region.

Currently employed at the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities, Daphney’s unwavering dedication to her work has always been complemented by her love for poetry. She had the opportunity to participate in a diversity concert hosted by the University of South Africa, showcasing her talents and spreading her powerful message. Additionally, she published her first poetry anthology titled “Purposely Designed,” further establishing herself as a versatile and ambitious artist.

Daphney Twala’s future holds great promise as she continues to make strides in her multifaceted endeavors. Her unwavering passion, talent, and commitment to championing equal rights make her an invaluable asset. The Casual Day family is thrilled to have her on board and eagerly anticipates her future accomplishments.