Mamello Mlangeni


Mamello Mlangeni was born in Pimville during the mid-seventies. She is a married mother of two boys.

She has worked for Hope Worldwide as a counselor and support group co-ordinator for people with HIV/AIDS and their families to educate them on healthy lifestyles as well as the antiretroviral drugs and the virus itself.

After a stint as a restaurant manager she worked as a home nurse and did online volunteer counseling at Ingomuso.

In 2009 she started suffering from pain on the right side of her face and, after seeing several Doctors, was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. After treatment with medications and an unsuccessful surgery in 2014, the pain continued. The doctor suggested a second surgery after seven days, which was a success.

Having lost sensation on her left side she was transferred to a physical rehabilitation unit for a month. After several sessions of counseling, therapy, and with the support of family and friends, she accepted herself. Learning to do things a little differently life started getting better and she looked forward to each day. Her speech improved through therapy and prayers and now she no longer uses a wheelchair, using a rollator instead.

Throughout her journey she learnt that support is very important, listening and loving persons with abilities different than your own. These lessons drove her to become a Casual Day Ambassador; to be the voice of those who cannot speak up because of their disability, to educate the world about the rights of Persons with Disabilities.

She has plans to start a disability home, named Mamello, which means “Perseverance”. “Many Persons with Disabilities lack love, support and encouragement, for one to cope you need encouragement and for people to believe in you.”