Personified Radio


Personified is two-hour radio show hosted on one of Africa’s fastest growing online radio station ImpulsRadio Africa. Personified leads conversation on the different perspectives and the lived experiences of marginalized groups, disabled, overlooked, and othered within our African communities. Listeners are updated on the latest, news developments and empowerment opportunities relating to people with disabilities in different regions of Africa. We “PERSONIFY” these individuals by sharing their stories of overcoming life challenges and ultimately defying the odds.

Through the show we aim on showcasing how people have managed to overcome life’s difficulties and sharing their stories of triumph and success. Minority group related content and our thought-out features allows for an enlightened narrative on disability, inability, societal challenges, social barriers and learning more of how we can create a more inclusive society for minority groups throughout different regions of Africa. All this is underpinned by vibrant cross African music to draw listeners from different corners or the continent.


Ingid Bame
is vibrant, outspoken woman who has albinism and is the founder and  hosts for the show. Bame has had prior experience as radio personality on campus radio,  Tshwane FM. As an activist within the Albinism community, Bame advocates for a more inclusive society by taking part in conversations through Public Speaking, Panel Discussions, Facilitating Dialogs, Content Creation and leveraging Social Media Campaigns in order to enlighten society on how we can create more inclusive communities. Bame is also the founder of social media platform,

I AM Movement, which is platform that promotes a positive narrative about persons with albinism in Africa through the powerful tool of digital media. The organisation is the sister organisation to Personified.

Lorraine Sakhile Tshuma is beautiful woman with big and fun personalityand one of the hosts OF Personified.  Tshuma is also the founder of ‘We are People Foundation’ which is a NPO dedicated to parents to children with albinism.. As a mother to a daughter with albinism herself, Tshuma saw it fitting to address the challenges faced by mothers raising children with Albinism in raising and building strong and independent men and women with Albinism.

Tshuma has also travelled abroad as a camp counsellor working with men, women, and children with disabilities. Tshuma has found herself to be a supporter and activist for persons with disabilities and thus been part of many initiatives, events that look at empowering the lives of those with disability.