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Are you a company wanting to get involved with Casual Day? Join in the fun and help us make a difference in the lives of Persons with Disabilities!

How do companies get involved?

Casual Day is an annual event that takes place on the first Friday of September each year – this year it’s on Friday 1 September 2023. People in the workplace (and virtually from home) can show their support for Persons with Disabilities by participating as a team on Casual Day. First, you need to appoint a co-ordinator or become a co-ordinator. You are the Casual Day ambassador in the workplace and will ensure that management is fully behind your efforts.

You will order and receive our free pack of Casual Day promotional items, which will be couriered to you in a handy kit along with your Casual Day Stickers. You will distribute these materials to your team, make sure the posters are put up and that people get their stickers for a donation of R20. Everyone in your office is encouraged to dress in the official Casual Day merchandise or follow the theme. Just remember the kindest thing you can do is wear your 2023 stickers to indicate support for persons with disabilities. All admin forms and couriers are organised by us in order to streamline the distribution and collection processes.

Participate Virtually with our Personalised Digital Stickers

The DIGITAL STICKER WORKS: Now in its 3rd year, generously developed by Accenture Digital, our innovative Personalised Digital Sticker is proving to be a success. Great for virtual inter-departmental or inter-branch competitions to see who can raise the most funds.

Here’s how it works:

We assign you company-specific URL link/s (can also be branch/department specific) that you can use to collect donations for Casual Day via the online Personalised Digital Sticker & Merchandise Shop pages on our website. This URL allows us to track and report comprehensively on all donations made by your company or your customers/staff  via this URL. Great for mailers, web banners, social media & more.

If you need a bulk pack of Digital Stickers for your staff – You can also send us a list of all your employees names with an upfront donation payment and we will send you a folder of personalised #ShareASmile Digital stickers for you to distribute to your staff internally via email or via your intranet or own channels. Lists can be emailed to

Why not try it out: Get a Personalised Digital Sticker.

  • A positive workplace fundraising initiative that promotes teamwork and generosity.
  • Align your brand’s support to our national campaign, the biggest and most successful of its kind for Persons with Disabilities in South Africa.
  • Casual Day is the perfect conversation starter for sensitization and education for your staff on issues of diversity and inclusion.
  • Access our NCPD multitude of offerings for corporates including job placement, sensitization info/workshops, accessibility services, enterprise development and more.
  • Get a charitable donation tax deduction (18A certificate)
  • B-BBEE benefits.
  • Exposure on our Social media channels.
  • Sponsorship and branding opportunities.
  • Certificates and trophies awarded to companies who raise over a certain amount in stickers and donations.

How to Sign Up

To register, please fill in the form to top right of this page, call the Casual Day on 011 609 7006 or email

After registration forms have been received, the Casual Day national office will promptly send you your REFERENCE NUMBER and the order forms for stickers and promotional items (or you can order online here), which will contain all the materials necessary to ensure an awesome Casual Day campaign in your workplace (even remotely).


Fill in the form below and we will be in touch!

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