You are part of an outstanding group of people who get involved with Casual Day year-after-year. If this is your first year, you’ve made an excellent decision joining the Casual Day family.

Casual Day provides the opportunity for national and local NGOs, NPOs and schools for learners with disabilities to participate in a fundraising project in an enjoyable and risk-free way. Through the structures of the Casual Day project, participating beneficiaries can raise much-needed funds for, and awareness of, persons with disabilities countrywide.

As you have decided to make use of the Casual Day marketing system, you will need to familiarise yourself with the procedures, activities and resources required to make the best use of the tools and material available to support your efforts.

STEP 1 is to please download the 2020 operating manual here and to read through it thoroughly.

STEP 2 is to order your stickers, publicity material & merchandise.

STEP 3 is to launch your Casual Day campaign as soon as your goodies arrive.

STEP 4 is to comply with the payment and recon processes as stipulated in the operating manual.

Most of all enjoy your Casual Day on 3 December 2020 – It’s time to Stand Side by Side for Equality!

All the relevant info, forms and tools are available on this page, in the operating manual and in our NGO Multimedia Marketing Pack on Dropbox (containing design elements, videos, radio ads and more). Please see link to the dropbox folder below.

Keep checking back to this page for updates. PLEASE SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN SO YOU DON’T MISS OUT.
The countdown to Casual Day

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STICKERS R20 for 2020: This year has been tough for everyone; so we don’t take it lightly when asking for a little more. This year our stickers are priced at R20 each – so why increase the price when so many people have experienced job loss and reduced income? Simply put, and as we are sure you have experienced, Persons with Disabilities are the most vulnerable, most badly affected by the change in status quo and they need help. We ask that, as always, you encourage supporters to give generously and remember that their R20 isn’t solely for a sticker, its R20 towards assisting Persons with Disabilities living healthier, fuller, more-inclusive lives.

We are here for you during this uncertain and unprecedented time. Please do not hesitate to contact chichi@casday.co.za with any queries.

ORDER YOUR STICKERS (R20) & PROMO ITEMS (free of charge)

Casual Day offers a great fundraising opportunity to any NGO and/or schools rendering services in the field of disability. As we are carefully and closely audited, and in order to keep project costs to a minimum, please take note of the following:

  • Stickers are ordered on consignment. After Casual Day 2020 a full recon will be done on payments owed, stickers sold and unsold. Please treat the stickers as cash as each one must be accounted for.
  • For every R20 sticker sold, you retain R8 of the donation.
  • Should you order less than 50 stickers you will be responsible for courier costs. Please place orders for wobblers and stickers simultaneously.
  • Promotional Items: Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be supplying more digital assets than printed assets. See NGO Marketing Pack.
  • The cut-off date for ordering stickers for organisations outside Gauteng is Monday 23rd of November 2020 at 12h00 and for organisations within Gauteng is the Monday 30th of December 2019. (Walk-ins are welcome to order until 3rd of December 2020)
  • The national office can use its discretion whether to supply the total amount of stickers and promotional material ordered. Promo items are free of charge.
  • If your organisation orders stickers from us, YOU will be held responsible for them, if you on-sell to others, you must collect the funds from them and pay to Casual Day.
  • Please check your parcel carefully as soon as you receive it. Should there be any discrepancies e.g. short/over- supply of stickers, damages or parcel tampering, inform us via email within 7 days of receipt of your parcel.
  • Remember to order extra stickers to ensure that you can supply latecomers.
  • Late payment on stickers will incur interest based on the current repo rate on the outstanding balance.

    Please refer to the operating manual for more important rules regarding stickers. You can order using the online order form (left) or by downloading Form B (pdf).

    Please contact chichi@casday.co.za / Call 011 609 7006 with any queries.


    As a participating Casual Day NGO or Special School, you can add to your fundraising efforts by also benefiting from a retention on the official Casual Day promotional merchandise for 2020 – This year we have bright True Blue golf shirts, caps, bucket hats and face masks.

    Please note that we have not included a sticker with any of the items, which means you can also raise a further donation for a sticker from your participants; in addition to the merchandise income.

        • Payment before dispatch: Merchandise can only be dispatched once we have received proof of payment. Payment must be made into the Casual Day bank account for the price less the rebates.
        • Minimum order to avoid courier charge: As the courier charges for this project are extremely high we request that a minimum order of R500’s worth of merchandise be placed. There will be courier costs payable on orders below the R500 minimum.
        • Email your proof of payment to orders@casday.co.za. Remember to use your Casual Day reference number on all documentation.

    Please contact chichi@casday.co.za \ 011 609 7006 with any queries.

    You can order using the online order form (left) or by downloading Form D (pdf).