Amina Farouk

Amina Farouk is an inspirational figure in the field of education, a teacher by profession, a mentor by passion, and an educator at heart. Born and raised in Durban, she currently resides in Gauteng. As an only child, Amina shares her home with her beloved cats Milo and Chino, as well as her bird Leo. Despite facing physical disabilities, Amina has embraced life with unwavering determination and a positive outlook. She firmly believes in her motto: “Ability beyond disability.”

At the age of 8, Amina’s life took an unexpected turn when she became a survivor of a motor vehicle accident (MVA) that resulted in the loss of her right leg. Struck by a driver under the influence of alcohol, Amina’s leg had to be amputated from the hip at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg. Despite the challenges and pain she endured, Amina showed remarkable resilience, undergoing intense therapy and rehabilitation to regain a sense of normality in her life. Throughout her journey, she faced bullying and social exclusion, but she emerged stronger and more determined to make a positive impact.

Amina’s educational journey began when she entered the education sector at the age of 18. With a burning desire to transform children’s lives through the power of the classroom, she was committed to breaking the stigma surrounding disabilities and advocating for zero tolerance towards bullying. Her dedication and passion were quickly recognized, and by the age of 21, she was already the head of her department. By 24, she had become a deputy principal, demonstrating her exceptional leadership skills. Currently, she holds a residency at the prestigious Cambridge level, further amplifying her impact in the education sector.

In addition to her teaching career, Amina is the visionary founder of the “Teach with a Passion” mentorship program. This online platform aims to prepare and support student teachers across South Africa, equipping them with the necessary skills, methodologies, and continuous educational support to navigate the challenges they will face in the classroom. Through virtual interactions and guidance, Amina molds future educators, ensuring they are well-prepared for the realities of teaching.

Beyond her professional achievements, Amina enjoys embracing new challenges and exploring the wonders of nature. One of her hobbies includes motivational coloring, utilizing the highlighter technique to bring vibrancy and inspiration to her creations.

Amina Farouk’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of perseverance. As an educational sociologist, mentor, and motivational speaker, she uses her personal experiences to inspire and empower others. Amina’s unwavering commitment to her students, her advocacy against bullying, and her dedication to nurturing the next generation of educators make her a true role model in the field of education.