Changing lives, one sticker at a time

In 1994, the Casual Day project was conceptualised by the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), with the objective of raising funds and creating awareness about the challenges and potential of persons with disabilities.

For almost three decades, Casual Day has made a huge impact by ensuring enterprise development, skills training, women’s programmes, services to children and rural people, employment, education, counselling and advocacy within the disability sector.

Casual Day is the largest fundraising project for persons with disabilities in South Africa. It is also an important national campaign to raise awareness about persons with disabilities through which their rights are promoted. These include access, equality, social inclusion and economic participation.

With most of our Thank You Events cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we would like to share with you a video recap of our 25th anniversary campaign (left) which also shows a few of our beneficiaries and impact of the funds raised by Casual Day. Enjoy!

History & Impact

Now celebrating its 29th year, the project has a long and respected history of fundraising and increasing awareness.

Below is a gallery of videos highlighting just a few of our beneficiaries. Nothing we have achieved would be possible without the generous support of the South African public, corporates, government organisations, schools and the hard work of our NPO organisations.

Your donation makes a difference

Tshilidzini Special School

The Tshilidzini Special School (TSS) was established 40 years ago for blind, deaf, and physically handicapped students. These amazing individuals and students are Casual Day’s top performing beneficiary nationally and a shining example of community spirit in action. Thank you to Mr Mbulaheni Maluma, the Principal, for opening up your school to us so we can share the good news and impact of Casual Day.

Daphne Lee Centre

The goal of the Centre is to provide a safe and caring environment for adults with disabilities in their care, where all enjoy equal human rights and freedoms and where social needs are met.

Botlokwa Special School

Botlokwa Special School provides residential care and technical and occupational skills training. They have used their money raised to initiate skills training in hairdressing and upholstery. They have also started a food garden and look forward to doing much more in the years to come.

Polokwane Aftercare Centre

For adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Monica Gerhard & APD Upington

Inge Reichert of APD Upington and Monica Gerhard share their views on the impact of Casual Day over the past 25 years. Monica Gerhard was born without arms and legs. Her physical disability does not stop her from leading a productive and successful life. Monica is a motivational speaker, radio presenter, translator and an active member of the Upington community in South Africa.

She focus on the lives and needs of disabled people, so as to inform those who are able bodied, about disability.

Tshilwavhusiku Razwimisani Special School

Tshilwavhusiku Razwimisani Special School for learners with intellectual Disabilities aims to build our learners’ self-esteem and to ensure that they leave the school as independent as possible, equipped with skills they can use to contribute to their communities. The school receives a subsidy from the SA Government, but this amount is not sufficient to run the school effectively for our learners. They rely on fundraising through initiatives like Casual Day to operate the school effectively.


Rekgonne Bapo Special School

Rekgonne Bapo Special School is a regular participant and beneficiary of Casual Day. Situated in Brits, it has just over 200 learners with special needs ranging from Down syndrome to those challenged with diminished mental capacity. Activities ranging from needlework, vegetable gardening, wood work, home economics and crafts – such as beadwork and fabric flower making – are offered to these learners. The school has a large vegetable garden that supplies produce for the lunch served through the school’s NSNP programme. The rest of the produce is sold to the community and schools in the area as a means of generating additional income to meet the school’s needs.

Unarine Day Care Centre

Casual Day beneficiary Unarine Day Care Centre in Limpopo offers special needs stimulation for children, skills development and adult day care for Persons with Disabilities in the community. Your Casual Day contributions make a difference.

Schools Outreach, Springbok

Our ambassador RickyK educating learners about disability and encouraging participation in Casual Day 2019.