Casual Day Theme 2022: #ICelebrateSA

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), is excited to announce our 28th Casual Day on Friday 2nd September 2022!

Our gratitude goes to our loyal supporters that have over the years assisted us in raising more than R411 million for Persons with Disabilities.  A special Thank You to supporters big and small who participated in last year’s Casual Day and helped us make a difference in the lives of Persons with Disabilities during some of our country’s hardest times. And now… slowly but surely, the green shoots of positivity are making their way back to the light!

Negative narratives about South Africa are not the whole story of our beloved country. With so much holding us down, now is the time to find our strength and joy and rise up!

This year Casual Day project owners, the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), have decided to have a celebration!

So, our Casual Day theme for 2022 is… #ICelebrateSA!

We want to start a conversation about everything going right for you and our country! So make your voice heard and join a chorus of South Africans highlighting the good and great in their lives.

We ask our supporters to raise our flag and look around to find something to celebrate about our nation and ourselves, no matter how seemingly small or grandiose!

What makes South Africa special to you? It could be…

  • Fellow South Africans who work hard to build our nation
  • The resilient spirit of friends, family and communities
  • Your rich cultural heritage expressed through costume, dance & music
  • Your grandmother’s Malva pudding recipe
  • The indescribable natural beauty of our environment
  • The freedoms enshrined by our constitution
  • The courage of vulnerable people who face daily challenges
  • The genuine, world-renowned friendliness of South Africans, to name a few…

It’s about creating the space for us to celebrate the rich landscapes, wildlife, cultures, languages and myriad positive aspects of South African life that are often forgotten.

Starting in June this year, everyone has enough time to prepare for the celebration on Casual Day Friday 2 September 2022.

To dress-up on Casual Day don’t forget to grab your official Casual Day stickers for a donation of R20 and our flag inspired merchandise: T-Shirts, Caps, Bucket Hats, and Facemasks, will be open for orders soon!

What to Wear

The kindest thing you can wear is your Casual Day Sticker and Merchandise – T-Shirts, Caps, Bucket Hats & Limited Edition Face masks are now available. Shop online here or via online order form here if you are a company. Donations received from stickers and supporter items directly benefit disability organisations throughout South Africa, so please be sure to get yours from participating NGOs, our website, government departments, companies and schools.

Send us your pics on all our social media channels! We look forward to celebrating the theme #ICelebrateSA with you all!


Share your pics with us! Use the hashtags #CasualDay #ICelebrateSA